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29 Nov 2022

It’s a Matter of standardization: new wireless protocol provides a connected foundation for smart devices

As smart, connected devices become more integrated into our everyday lives, the Matter wireless connectivity protocol aims to unify the fragmented Internet of Things ecosystem.

08 Nov 2022

5 things you should know about V2G

As rising demands are pushing electric grids to their limits, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) bidirectional charging can help smooth out peak capacity.

01 Nov 2022

Q&A: How TI is investing in manufacturing capacity to support growth for decades to come

Kyle Flessner, who leads our Technology and Manufacturing Group, discusses TI’s plans to expand internal manufacturing capacity for the long term.

25 Oct 2022

How thermal efficiency is helping data centers run more sustainably

Innovative semiconductor design and packaging technologies are improving efficiencies in data centers as server power demands increase.

29 Sep 2022

TI’s new 300-millimeter wafer fab in Richardson, Texas, begins initial production

We’re building the next era of semiconductor manufacturing to support the future growth in electronics.

12 Sep 2022

Traction inverters: the intersection of automotive innovation and performance

Semiconductor innovations in next-generation traction inverters will help drive electric vehicle performance further, making them even more fun to drive.

12 Sep 2022

From idea to invention: The origin story of the tiny chip that changed the world

How an ice storm in Kansas sparked Jack Kilby’s interest in electronics, fueling his work to develop the first integrated circuit.

30 Aug 2022

Why isolation matters for your power electronics

Innovations in isolation pave the way for more sophisticated electric vehicles, more intelligent factory sensors and robots, and more reliable medical devices.

23 Aug 2022

The vehicle-to-grid vision: unleashing the power of electric vehicles

Enabled by semiconductor technology, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) bidirectional charging can provide battery power to reinforce electric grids during peak demand and power your home when electricity is expensive or out.

02 Aug 2022

From sun to switch, semiconductors enable the journey of energy

As the popularity of renewable energy sources increases, semiconductors can enable the efficient and safe transportation of energy to more homes, buildings and cities.