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23 May 2023

Q&A: TI is inspiring a global culture of building stronger communities

Andy Smith, leader of our Giving and Volunteering team and executive director of the TI Foundation, discusses how the philanthropic spirit is ingrained in TI’s culture, how we’re strengthening communities where we live and work, and what giving back means to him personally. 

18 Apr 2023

How semiconductors enable the future of energy

Analog and embedded processing products are enabling electrification through smarter, reliable and more accessible solar, energy storage and electric-vehicle charging systems.

17 Apr 2023

How one engineer’s problem-solving mindset is helping serve the unsheltered and hungry

An engineer from our wafer fab in Lehi, Utah, earned our Community Impact Award for demonstrating our company values and working toward broader, sustainable solutions for those without homes.

07 Apr 2023

3 trends impacting the future of embedded processing technology

Technology that’s making the future of embedded possible is transforming smart homes, cities, factories and vehicles, optimizing everyday electronics and unlocking new ways to create a better world.

04 Apr 2023

3 reasons GaN is changing power management

Gallium nitride is replacing silicon in a growing list of applications that require greater power density and energy efficiency.


23 Mar 2023

How vehicle networks help keep drivers safe

Take vehicle safety to the next level with integrated and connected communications protocols.

14 Mar 2023

Q&A: Pradeep Shenoy shares how he’s inspiring the next generation of power engineers

The leader of our automotive power design services team discusses how he’s leading the Applied Power Electronics Conference and making it more accessible and why he’s excited about creating the future of automotive.

13 Feb 2023

A legacy of impact in North Texas

Since our company’s founding more than 90 years ago, we’ve been committed to strengthening the communities where we work and call home.

02 Feb 2023

Ultrasonic lens cleaning brings camera reliability into focus

As advancements in autonomy multiply the number of cameras and sensors on vehicles, drones, robots and more, a purely electrically driven method can help keep them all clean. 

30 Jan 2023

High-voltage technologies are key to empowering a more sustainable future

As electrification becomes more common, semiconductor innovations enable us to interact with electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and other high-voltage systems safely and reliably.