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02 Aug 2022

From sun to switch, semiconductors enable the journey of energy

As the popularity of renewable energy sources increases, semiconductors can enable the efficient and safe transportation of energy to more homes, buildings and cities.

19 Jul 2022

Space-grade ICs help the James Webb Telescope peer deep into the cosmos

NASA has released the first images from its largest and most powerful space telescope as it looks into the universe with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity.

28 Jun 2022

3 ways semiconductors enhance automation and efficiency

Semiconductor technology is helping maximize productivity across a range of industrial systems, from robotics to factory automation, grid, home automation and more.

07 Jun 2022

How sensor fusion is driving vehicle autonomy forward

As ADAS technology extends to critical, time-sensitive applications – such as emergency braking, front-collision warning and avoidance, and blind-spot detection – combining data from multiple sensors enables reliable, real-time decisions for safer autonomous driving.

06 Apr 2022

5 trends shaping the future of power management

Performance improvements in power density, electromagnetic interference, isolation, quiescent current, and noise and precision are giving designers the capabilities to push power further.

29 Mar 2022

Sensor fusion is enabling the next wave of smart, autonomous robots

Sensors in robots that mimic human vision are accelerating automation, improving reliability and safety, and making our lives easier.

08 Feb 2022

Building a fast, flexible EV charging network

In our electric-vehicle future, semiconductor technology will offer grid operators more flexibility to better manage energy infrastructure.

25 Jan 2022

What’s next in BMS? Safer, more affordable electric vehicles

As automakers consider new EV battery chemistries, battery management systems (BMS) with advanced semiconductor technologies are more critical than ever.

10 Jan 2022

Dan Wang on enabling a safer world with TI mmWave radar: ‘It’s just the beginning’

Dan, a pioneer in millimeter wave radar applications, has a vision for the future of sensing technology. She’s a pioneer in cascaded mmWave sensors – high-resolution image sensors that help vehicles detect objects far ahead with better clarity – and is passionate about developing algorithms for new mmWave applications.

30 Nov 2021

7 ways semiconductors are accelerating the future of automotive technology

As the world drives toward vehicle electrification, semiconductors enable automakers to optimize performance, accelerate development and make electric vechicles more affordable for more people.