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Oct 23, 2017 | Product & technology news

TI enables designers to achieve a new low in standby power

LLC controller provides ultra-fast transient response, robust fault protection and the lowest standby power in the industry for AC/DC applications
Oct 10, 2017 | Product & technology news

Slash system power usage with TI's new fully integrated switch and sensor monitors

Cut board space and increase system protection in automotive and industrial applications with new multi-switch detection interface devices
Sep 26, 2017 | Product & technology news

TI introduces the most accurate single-chip ultrasonic sensing microcontrollers for smart water meters

New ultrasonic MCUs and new reference designs make both electronic and mechanical water meters smarter
Sep 18, 2017 | Product & technology news

Unique DC/DC converter combines true fixed frequency and ultra-fast transient response with integrated compensation

TI's stackable 16-V input, 40-A SWIFT™ DC/DC buck converter features innovative control topology
Sep 14, 2017 | Product & technology news

Texas Instruments introduces its first educational robot, the TI-Innovator™ Rover

Put STEM into motion with new calculator-controlled robotic car for the classroom
Aug 15, 2017 | Product & technology news

Former Football Player turned Full-Time Mathematician, John Urschel, kicks-off the #GenSTEM contest to get kids pumped up to go back to school

Take the quiz or take a photo - just be sure to enter to win $500 and a starring role in a new, nationwide STEM lesson
Aug 02, 2017 | Product & technology news

TI introduces most affordable way to get started with DLP® Pico™ display technology

Tiny form-factor chipset and $99 EVM make it easier to design new, ultra-compact display applications