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Dec 06, 2017 | Product & technology news

Industry's first zero-drift, nanopower amplifier combines ultra-high precision with the lowest power consumption

TI delivers the most precise nanopower op amp, reducing system power and maximizing battery life in precision IoT, industrial and personal electronics applications
Dec 05, 2017 | Product & technology news

TI broadens 4K UHD display possibilities with newly expanded portfolio of DLP® Products

New DLP 4K UHD chipsets enable stunning display products capable of delivering accurate, detailed images across a variety of applications
Nov 30, 2017 | Product & technology news

TI's new automotive LED lighting controller puts the power in designers' hands

Achieve higher power, better reliability and thermal dissipation in automotive LED lighting systems by selecting a controller and external MOSFET
Nov 29, 2017 | Product & technology news

Texas Instruments announces integration of its SimpleLink™ MCU platform with new Amazon FreeRTOS for quick cloud connectivity

TI and Amazon Web Services continue to enable end-to-end connections to the cloud for IoT-enabled devices
Nov 28, 2017 | Product & technology news

Merge the worlds of wired and wireless connectivity by connecting sensors to the cloud with new TI SimpleLink™ Ethernet MCUs

Simplify industrial gateway designs using new Ethernet MCUs with an integrated PHY leveraging 100 percent code compatibility across the SimpleLink MCU platform
Nov 16, 2017 | Product & technology news

TI DLP® technology enables next-generation augmented reality head-up displays

New automotive-qualified DLP3030-Q1 chipset and EVMs allow automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to create HUD systems with crisp, high-quality imagery
Nov 08, 2017 | Product & technology news

Texas Instruments offers 25 functions for 25 cents with new MSP430™ microcontrollers

Developers can implement simple sensing functions with TI's lowest-cost microcontroller family
Oct 24, 2017 | Company news

TI reports 3Q17 financial results and shareholder returns

Conference call on TI website at 4 p.m. Central time today