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Dec 03, 2018 | Product & technology news

Smallest data converters deliver high integration and performance

TI's new precision ADCs and DACs reduce overall system footprint in industrial, communications and personal electronics applications
Nov 28, 2018 | Product & technology news

First 12-bit, 29-kHz RGB LED driver family enables vivid color and seamless animation with zero audible noise

New LED drivers from TI help designers reduce power consumption and improve total system efficiency in human-machine interface applications
Nov 07, 2018 | Product & technology news

TI unlocks mmWave technology for worldwide industrial market through new 60-GHz sensor portfolio

Highest-resolution single-chip mmWave sensors enable intelligent autonomy at the edge
Nov 01, 2018 | Product & technology news

Smallest reinforced isolated CAN FD transceivers deliver the industry's highest bus fault protection

Engineers can increase communication reliability and protection in industrial and automotive systems with TI's new transceivers offering the highest working voltage, highest immunity and lowest electromagnetic emissions
Oct 30, 2018 | Product & technology news

TI introduces first multiprotocol gigabit TSN-enabled processors for Industry 4.0

Industrial-grade Sitara™ AM6x processors offer advanced industrial communications, enhanced security, high reliability and functional safety features
Oct 29, 2018 | Product & technology news

New TI portfolio of ready-to-use, 600-V GaN FET power stages supports applications up to 10 kW

Backed by 20 million hours of device reliability testing, high-voltage GaN FET with integrated driver and protection doubles power density in industrial and telecom applications
Oct 25, 2018 | Product & technology news

Highly accurate digital temperature sensors provide unparalleled simplicity for RTD-based and medical designs

At ±0.1°C accuracy over a wide temperature range, TI's single-chip digital temperature sensors help engineers reduce design complexity
Oct 01, 2018 | Product & technology news

Highest-precision reinforced isolated amplifier enables longest lifetimes in industrial voltage-sensing applications

TI's next-generation isolated amplifier delivers higher working voltages, longer lifetimes, more stable and accurate measurements over an extended temperature range, and reduced board space
Sep 18, 2018 | Product & technology news

Industry's first 200-W and 100-W USB Type-C™ and USB Power Delivery controllers with fully integrated power paths simplify designs

TI controllers enable higher power in dual- and single-port applications
Aug 28, 2018 | Product & technology news

Contrary to popular belief, students actually like math a lot more than they let on

Study from Texas Instruments reveals nearly twice as many students like math as those who dislike it