Aug 11, 2020

The new tech frontier in senior care

Advances in technology that improve the quality of life for seniors also help keep them out of the hospital. From mobility to memory loss, there is surging demand for cutting-edge technology to ease the burden on both the aging generation and their caregivers. 

Jun 12, 2018

Chief Technology Officer Ahmad Bahai discusses how TI mmWave technology helps us see clearly

Many technology leaders have long dreamed of a highly integrated radar vision that is accurate and uncluttered by ambient noise. TI mmWave sensors can see objects with detailed outlines and classify them.

Jan 24, 2018

Disruptive technologies will put us in the fast lane of the big-data highway

As the dynamics of disruptive technologies and new market trends accelerate across the industrial, automotive and other markets, analog and embedded processing semiconductors will provide the foundation for innovation, power efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance.

Nov 20, 2017

Use ultrasonic sensing for graceful robots

It won’t be long until robots will build our homes, lay our roads and drive us around. But one of the key requirements for this future is for robots to have senses similar to humans. Ultrasonic sensing is a reliable and practical solution for home and factory robots.