04 Aug 2020

The art of persistence

Xiaolin sees networks everywhere. They’re in everything from smart electric grids to the connectivity that makes our modern homes, offices, factories, hospitals and vehicles possible. As a technical leader, Xiaolin has made significant contributions to data networks. But she also focuses on strengthening a network of women engineers whom she has mentored and coached.

26 Mar 2019

Young innovator finds purpose at the heartbeat of electronics and in the ‘soul of the music’

Concert violinist by night, microelectromechanical systems engineer by day. How a young innovator integrated his passions for violin and engineering to develop our latest breakthrough – TI BAW resonator technology.

05 Mar 2019

From virtual health to smart cities, TI BAW technology accelerates big data on the information superhighway

The 21st century is the era of big data. In a world of billions of connected people and tens of billions of connected machines, the flow of data is growing exponentially. Our new bulk acoustic wave technology provides a much cleaner clock reference for wired and wireless systems.

27 Feb 2019

Tiny technology, global impact: TI BAW resonator breakthrough creates new electronic heartbeat

Every electronic system has a heartbeat – a clock signal – that helps synchronize each component. For decades, designers have used quartz crystals for this. Our new bulk acoustic wave resonator breakthrough promises to radically improve the performance of internal clocks.