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08 Jan 2019

5 ways your drive is changing faster than the autobahn

From enhanced connectivity, adaptive features and new levels of personalization, innovations and advancements in sensors, processors, microcontrollers, DLP® technology are changing your driving experience today and in the near future. 

11 Dec 2018

A voice for change: Erika Beskar’s boldness drives technology and others’ success

Whether she’s encouraging women to advance in their engineering careers, advocating for STEM education or leading her team, Erika Beskar uses her influence to blaze a path for others. That passion has also helped her become the highest-ranking Latina on the TI Technical Ladder.

19 Sep 2017

How two engineers used problem solving to turn a terminal diagnosis into hope for their son and countless others

Everything changed for TI engineers Matt and Gina Hann when they were told to prepare for the end of their son’s life. They decided to approach the situation as a problem to be solved, and pored over research to slow the progression of his disease, search for hope, and work toward a cure.