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Mar 06, 2018

Engineering leader and role model Cecelia Smith ignites a spark in tomorrow’s female engineers

Curiosity and a tendency to tinker with electronics early in life led Cecelia to her current role leading a fast-growing business and global team of engineers developing, supporting and marketing one of our company's major power management product areas.

Feb 20, 2018

4 schools, 1 goal: Providing access to education for students in rural China

Together with local partners, our company is working in China and other places around the world to ensure that students in communities where we live and work are prepared for the future.

Feb 16, 2018

Power up: 6 power management trends to address growing energy requirements

Driven by applications such as data centers, automotive and industrial, spending on electricity has neared spending on oil products. To support these trends, designers are utilizing semiconductor solutions, leading to the worldwide purchase of 824 billion semiconductors in 2016.

Feb 13, 2018

Fun, activities and systems learning: new robotics kit helps university students compete for the future

The TI Robotics System Learning Kit is designed to inspire and prepare future generations of engineers by giving them a deep understanding of how electronic systems work and how to build comprehensive systems-level knowledge. And it’s fun.

Jan 30, 2018

Chill out! Frost sensor improves refrigerator and air-conditioner efficiency

Air conditioners and refrigerators are among the most energy-hungry items we have in our households. New technology that measures frost on an evaporator coil helps manufacturers reduce wasted heat and energy on unneeded or excessive defrosting cycles.

Jan 24, 2018

Disruptive technologies will put us in the fast lane of the big-data highway

As the dynamics of disruptive technologies and new market trends accelerate across the industrial, automotive and other markets, analog and embedded processing semiconductors will provide the foundation for innovation, power efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance.

Jan 16, 2018

One to Watch: Arthur Redfern started innovating the day he walked in our door

Acceleration. It's the challenge Arthur Redfern focuses on every day as manager of our Machine Learning Lab. He's making machines smarter with algorithms, software and optimized processors. But he’s been accelerating innovation at our company from the day he walked in the door.

Jan 11, 2018

New philanthropic fellowships honor legacy of TI founders

The Texas Instruments Foundation established a philanthropic fellowship program to honor our founders’ long legacy of giving back and leading nonprofit organizations in the community.

Dec 05, 2017

One to Watch: Rick Oden's unbounded curiosity earns him a lifetime achievement award in physics

Rick Oden, one of the brightest minds in contemporary physics, has a knack for explaining complex topics in ways that are easily understood. He received the equivalent of a lifetime achievement award in the field of physics from the American Physical Society.

Nov 20, 2017

Use ultrasonic sensing for graceful robots

It won’t be long until robots will build our homes, lay our roads and drive us around. But one of the key requirements for this future is for robots to have senses similar to humans. Ultrasonic sensing is a reliable and practical solution for home and factory robots.