13 Feb 2023

Since our company’s founding more than 90 years ago, we’ve been committed to strengthening the communities where we work and call home.

“We’re engrained and embedded in our communities,” said Andy Smith, executive director of the TI Foundation and director of giving and volunteering. “TIers at every level of the company, including our retirees, are generous with their time, resources, experience and expertise to make our communities stronger. We walk the talk.”

The key to making an impact in our community is getting involved. Watch a video about the impact of our company in North Texas:


“My encouragement – and I say this to everybody – is get involved,” said Rich Templeton, our company’s chairman, president and CEO. “We will be blown away by the impact that we have when we all collectively pitch in and make the commitment to build a stronger community.”

Since 2010, TI and the TI Foundation have given more than $400 million in matching gifts, grants and in-kind donations. Our involvement in North Texas has been significant, ranging from volunteering in community initiatives to investing in programs to help improve trust between the police and public and creating jobs by expanding our manufacturing capacity. Over the last 10 years, the TI Foundation has invested more than $60 million in STEM education programs in North Texas. Last year, we raised $9.6 million to support the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.