Mar 13, 2018

You’ve been there. You’re listening to a great playlist, shooting photos of a colorful sunset or walking out the door for your next meeting when you realize that your smartphone’s battery is nearly empty. You dream about charging the battery quickly. With the release of a new power-management chip that enables designers to boost efficiency and shrink power-supply and charger-solution sizes for personal electronics and hand-hand industrial equipment, that possibility just became a reality. 

The project to create a higher current battery charger began several years ago. As consumers around the world increased their reliance on smartphones for connectivity and productivity, their desire for ever-faster charging times grew. At the same time, new models of phones got slimmer, so the space available for batteries also kept shrinking.

A team from Kilby Labs, which is our applied-research center, and our battery-management team developed innovative technology that doubles the power density, provides high efficiency, simplifies designs and reduces thermal loss in batteries.

The latest release is the bq25910, the first 6-A, three-level buck battery charger. The core of the device’s lightning-fast charging is a new three-level power-conversion technology never before productized for this application.

“The bq25910 epitomizes our company’s approach to thermal management challenges,” Jinrong said. “We continually strive to deliver battery-management devices that provide faster, cooler charging in all types of portable electronics.”